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Personality means different things to different people.

  • For a Student - self-reliance, appearance, character.
  • For a Manager - time management, planning, inter-personnel relations, extrovert.
  • For a Professional - intellect, professional status, communication skills, time management, planning
  • For an Artist - creativity, glamour, social status, emotions, expressions, physical attributes
  • For a Housewife - creativity, social activities to spread hope & brightness

Some attributes common  all are self-confident, optimism, positive attitude, walk & gait, glamour and style, success and status. Personality is a combination of multiple aspects of a human being. A complete personality is, to be pleasant , to ooze optimism, to spread hope and brightness.

The course is a confidence building process. It helps one to understand oneself better through the process of self-analysis. It involves a process of evolution and growth.

Course Contents

  • Meditation
  • Voice Modulation
  • Exercise - Face, Eye, Hand, Body, Walk & Gait, Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Study of Emotion (Theory & Practical) Human Relations
  • Case Study
  • Time Management
  • Project Study & Planning
  • Self Analysis

To suit the requirements of Specific Programs and the Participants, the above FEATURES are molded and incorporated accordingly.

Programme Highlights

  • Confidence Building, Enthusiasm, Motivation & Goal Achievement
  • Team Building
  • Develop Skills for measuring and thinking
  • Communication & Body Language
  • Public Speaking
  • Study of Emotion to overcome fear of failure & rejection
  • Time Management & Planning
  • Self Analysis
  • Personality - its understanding

One of the challenges confronting individuals preparing to enter the corporate world today is, meeting the expectations of being able to do more than required. The current scenario is one of intense competition and it is this competition, which has altered the entire way of corporate functioning. Faced with seemingly insurmountable challenge of having in hand more than it can handle, companies today look out for people who can act as all-rounder’s, contributing in each and every aspect of business.

The bottom line today is that, an individual needs more than just qualifications and knowledge, which have become a necessity rather than being the competitive edge, to make his presence felt in the corporate arena.

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